Introducing WinEth, A Windows Ethereum Miner

22 Dec

I wanted to introduce one of my newer projects, an Ethereum mining client for Windows.

WinEth is a WPF application that targets Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 and is built for both the Windows 10 store and as a standalone application with auto-update provided by Squirrel.

You can download WinEth at

There were a variety of unique challenges to overcome with building this application.

  • Building a Desktop Bridge Application for Windows Store
  • Tracking significant telemetry to battle the bugs encountered with CUDA and OpenCL on diverse hardware
  • Building a simple UI
  • Automatic updates
  • Win32 API compatibility across windows versions

I’ll cover each of these in upcoming posts.  But for now, take WinEth for a spin on your GPU equipped gaming rig!

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