Lighting Control Sample for AllJoyn Cordova Plugin

23 Feb

I’m very excited to introduce the latest sample published for the AllJoyn Cordova Plugin project.

Our lighting control sample shows how to control standard AllJoyn compatible lighting devices.

Grab the code at

Or just try it out:

$ git clone
$ cd cordova-lighting-alljoyn
$ cordova plugin add org.allseen.alljoyn
$ cordova platform add ios|android|windows
$ cordova run ios|android|windows

Andre put together a little video showing how easy it is to build and deploy the sample application and control color and brightness of a Lifx bulb.

You can also see an app built on the plugin controlling the Luminaire lighting simulator, which is a great way to develop an app if you don’t have access to a supported light bulb yet.  The video below comes from Phong Cao’s much more detailed blog post about the code.

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