Install Microsoft Capacity Planner on Windows 7

28 Apr

If you use the System Center Capacity Planner on most of your SharePoint engagement like I do, you’ll likely find out soon that you can’t install it on Windows 7.

With the Windows 7 RC coming up very soon, undoubtedly many people will need a fix to this issue.

Hopefully the SCCP team will release an update, but in the meantime, you can use Microsoft’s Orca MSI Editor which is part of the Windows SDK, to easily change the OS version limits.

You can go download the Windows SDK to get Orca, or you can just Google it, and download the Orca installer more easily.

Open your Capacity Planner MSI in Orca, choose the "LaunchCondition" table, and update the VersionNT<=600 to be VersionNT<=700, as shown in the image below.

(Note, I tested this on SCCP 2007, and on 2006, it should work for either version.  2006 SP1 gave me trouble though and didn’t install entirely.)


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