SharePoint at DEFCON

21 Jun

July 31st will be a great day for SharePoint, as that’s when the DEFCON 2009 conference kicks off, and this year the conference will actually have a session about SharePoint 2007!


So why are a bunch of hacker-types interested in an enterprise portal solution?


Well, the talk that will be given centers on the SharePoint 2007 Knowledge Network add-on — For those that aren’t familiar with it, it basically monitors your email interactions to learn about your skills and involvement in an organization, and then populates your SharePoint user profile with that information to enable people to leverage each other better.


Here is a screen shot of a Knowledge Network populates my site:




And of the profile manager:




From what I’ve heard, this functionality won’t be included in SharePoint 2009, but undoubtedly Microsoft will continue to develop this type of technology to power the enterprise 2.0.

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