SharePoint Log Viewer (ULS Viewer)

8 Nov

Sorting through the SharePoint ULS log files is tedious at best.  There has been significant progress is adding support to SharePoint Central Administration for viewing these logs with the SharePoint Log Viewer.

However, as a consultant, I'm constantly receiving logs from remote farms to aid in tracking down problems with an installation.  In this scenario it isn't particularly helpful to have a viewer inside SharePoint because I have no access to the farm.

Thus, this evening I created the SharePoint ULS Viewer.


This is a simple WPF application powered by LINQ which makes working with SharePoint log files *much* easier than traditional 'notepad' strategies.

The application supports filtering by severity, process and category.  It will also (cleverly) detect 'overflow' stack traces which have crossed over multiple lines and reconstruct these as single entries which are much easier to read.

Find the CodePlex Project with a download of the binary and source here.

I'll be looking forward to feedback and be adding the most requested features to my next iteration.

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