SharePoint ULS Log Viewer 2.0 Released

10 Mar

I've been a bit quiet on the blog lately as I've been trying to finish up several exciting things.  One of them is an updated version of the SharePoint ULS Log Viewer.

The original post about the ULSViewer.

The key benefit of using the viewer is that you do *not* need access to the SharePoint server.  Great for when clients send log files.

The new version has some really simple but useful new features:

  • Sort on any column by clicking column header (ascending or descending)
  • Ability to open and concatenate multiple log files (select multiple from open dialog)
  • Ability to automatically browse the default log directory (When running on a SharePoint server)
  • Full Text Search (of log Message, Category, and Process AND combined with other filters)


You can Download It Here from CodePlex

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