SharePoint Raw Text Field Control

4 Jan

Sometimes you simply need to dump out the contents of a text field raw, and not have the SharePoint field controls alter you HTML, strip scripts, etc. 

I’m currently using this to display raw HTML that is being programmatically imported into a list.

This is a very simple example of how to make a field control, however you’ll want to ensure you consider things like caching and security before deploying this.


    <span class="kwrd">public</span> <span class="kwrd">class</span> RawTextFieldControl : BaseFieldControl
        <span class="kwrd">public</span> XnaRawTextFieldControl()
            <span class="kwrd">base</span>.DisableInputFieldLabel = <span class="kwrd">true</span>;
            <span class="kwrd">base</span>.ControlMode = SPControlMode.Display;

        <span class="kwrd">protected</span> <span class="kwrd">override</span> <span class="kwrd">void</span> RenderFieldForDisplay(HtmlTextWriter output)
            output.Write(<span class="kwrd">this</span>.ItemFieldValue);
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