SharePoint Stock Ticker

29 Jul

A frequent corporate intranet requirement is to show a stock ticker value some where in the master page, or home page.  Doing this using free services is a bit of a challenge, and the ideal scenario is to periodically cache … Read More »

Identity XSL

21 Jul

I’m constantly digging around to find a copy of an Identity XSL to use in my SharePoint development.  As so much of SharePoint can be modified through XSL customizations, it’s important to be able to get a copy of the … Read More »

SharePoint at DEFCON

21 Jun

July 31st will be a great day for SharePoint, as that’s when the DEFCON 2009 conference kicks off, and this year the conference will actually have a session about SharePoint 2007!   So why are a bunch of hacker-types interested … Read More »