99 Billion Green Pixels

19 Sep

The number of pixels we captured in 4 days of flying drones over some of the countries best golf courses: 99,014,934,528   I recently had the opportunity to participate in an exciting project to prototype tools that could improve the process of … Read More »

Azure Storage GZip Encoding

12 Sep

Azure storage is an excellent option for storing assets for your web application (or even your entire static web application), but it is often preferable to have this data delivered to the browser using HTTP Compression to reduce file size and improve performance. Here we introduce a new utility to automate managing HTTP Compression settings for your blobs.

Simple Image Tiling in C#

14 May

So, you want to cut up an image into tiles?  Here is a simple C# class, ImageTile, that lets you provide an X and Y grid size and slice up a source image.  

Usage is pretty simple

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